Sauna during pregnancy

Sauna during pregnancy

Sauna during pregnancy is not contraindicated, as some believe, but on the contrary, can be an excellent preparation for childbirth and a pleasant procedure, strengthening the immunity and the body in general. The only rule is that before a sauna you should consult your doctor, who will advise you how to behave in a steam bath and warn you about any contraindications.

Effects of a sauna on the body during pregnancy

Sauna has a strong positive effect on the human body, and a sauna during pregnancy is no the exception. Bath procedures increase the level of immunity that allows the body of a prospective mother to better resist infections, which is very important, especially in the first and last trimesters of pregnancy. It improves blood circulation of the internal organs and tissues, including the placenta. It is very good for the baby, as it increases the flow of nutrients and reduces the risk of such dangerous state as hypoxia. Under the influence of temperature the tonus of the walls of medium and small vessels increases, thus reducing the risk of formation of thrombosis and stretch marks. Scientists have found that women who regularly visit a sauna during pregnancy easily gave birth to a child and had complications much less frequently than the others.


But, despite the fact that a sauna during pregnancy is useful for both the prospective mother and the fetus, but there are occasions when it is better to abstain from a steam bath. It is not recommended to visit a sauna during toxicosis, hypertension, threatened miscarriage. Also it is better not to take a steam-bath in the first and last weeks of pregnancy and in cases when you feel bad and you are not in a good mood. And remember that the only worth adviser of the prospective mother is a doctor, and not girlfriends, friends and relatives.

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