Jacuzzi room

Entering the Jacuzzi room, you seem to get to the spa resort, where you can:

  • take a steam in Finnish sauna, inhaling the scents of aromatic oils good for your health,
  • rest and relax in a comfortable Jacuzzi bath,
  • shower with ice water using a waterfall bucket,
  • chat with friends or colleagues in a cozy lounge during the tea ceremony
  • stay alone with your loved one in a comfortable "red room"


parilkagidrozal-jacuzziFor the convenience of visitors our Jacuzzi room is equipped with mini-bar, bathrooms with hairdryers and mirrors, dressing room, jacuzzi, tropical and conventional showers, waterfall "bucket", The visitors of the Jacuzzi room can watch movies or TV shows on the huge 52-inch LCD-TV-set while being in jacuzzi. And passionate karaoke singers will be overjoyed by the tremendous selection of songs. Especially for children and adults who like to play games there are Kinect-games, which provide a unique immersion in virtual reality.krasnaya-komnata JAKUZZI-ZAL-P