Gift Certificates

Gift certificate in the form of a plastic card - it's a down payment, which makes it possible to acquire services, an amount equivalent to its face value.

Your service selection denomination certificates of 500 UAH. and 1000 UAH.

Benefits gift certificates

Buying a gift, you still run the risk to make a mistake in the tastes of the person you want to bring joy. Of course, your attention will be appreciated, but the pleasure of the gift is not complete, and this fact is the meaning of the gift - and bring joy. Giving certificate «Aromasauna de lux», you can be 100% sure - because with a certificate people can choose the day and time that he needs.

Advantages of buying certificates in our store

Defined the nominal certificate, simply place an order over the phone to save your valuable time. You get all the certificates at face value, and even during the stock at a discount equal to the cost of services in the «Aromasauna de lux».

Owners discount cards «Aromasauna de lux» can buy gift certificates at a discount according to the category of discount cards.


With our certificates you can make a gift to any number of employees and business partners.

Terms gift certificate «Aromasauna de lux» (the "Certificate"):

  1. Gift Certificate is a certificate to bearer (not the name), and any individual that presented the certificate can use it to purchase services in the sauna «Aromasauna de lux».
    In case of loss of the certificate, including theft, the certificate can not be restored, and the money can not be returned, due to the lack of personalization person who owned the certificate to the loss.
  2. In order payment with a certificate be sure to include it on the stage of registration and inform the administrator «Aromasauna de lux», in the order confirmation.
  3. The certificate is restricted to 6 months from the date of issue.
  4. with a certificate can only purchase. When a purchase certificate is written entirely nominal. If the purchase price is less than the nominal certificate, the difference between the cost is not refundable.
  5. If the purchase price exceeds the face value, the difference between the value of goods and the nominal value of the certificate is paid in cash.
  6. Purchase certificate is possible only if the cash method of payment.
  7. certificate can only be used to pay for the time of the visit.
  8. Additional services «Aromasauna de lux» paid in cash administrator.
  9. Certificate can not be used to obtain cash.

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