Subscribe to 10 visits «Aromasauna de lux».

Benefit season ticket holders:

  1. subscription entitles visit «Aromasauna de lux» 20% discount.
    (Means for each visit to season ticket holders pay 20% less.)
  2. season ticket holders for the duration of its action are guaranteed to increase the value of services «Aromasauna de lux».
  3. our guests to have a preferential subscription right to arrange time of his visit «Aromasauna de lux».

Terms subscription «Aromasauna de lux».

  • Subscribe sold for 10 visits (at 2:00), and gives the right to visit «Aromasauna de lux» in a certain room in a certain period of time, and the duration of the subscription 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • For the convenience of our guests, we offer 4 types of subscriptions:

    Hydro room (up to 8 people.) (FULL) full - time unlimited visits.

    Hydro room (up to 8 people.) (DAY) daily visits from 3.00 to 15.00 weekdays.

    Salt room (up to 4 people.) (FULL) Full unlimited visits.

    Salt room (up to 4 people.) (DAY) daily visits from 3.00 to 15.00 weekdays.

  • If your stay less than 2 hours, the time difference is not refunded if more than 2 hours but less than 4 hours time difference stay you pay cash administrator.
  • When the time staying power of 2 o'clock in, you can set off the appropriate number of visits due to additional time spent, or you can pay cash on the spot for you to choose an administrator.
  • Subscribe be carried on each visit «Aromasauna de lux», in the case of loss of the subscription should contact the administrator.
  • Before each visit «Aromasauna de lux» on the subscription administrator Stamps.
  • Subscribe can only be used to pay for the time the sauna.
  • Additional services «Aromasauna de lux» paid in cash administrator
  • Subscribe can not be used to obtain cash.

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