Benefit of a sauna for a face

Benefit of a sauna for a face

Sauna is a great way of improving the body, affecting virtually all organs of a person. Benefit of a sauna for a face is known for centuries and proved by experts in the field of cosmetology and medical professionals.

How a sauna influences skin widik

In a sauna the skin temperature rises to 40-41 degrees, which triggers a series of processes that are beneficial to its condition. Mechanisms of positive changes taking place in different layers of the skin under the influence of temperature are quite complex, but only the results are important for us, so let’s focus on them. The benefit of a sauna for a face is as follows:

  • The pores open and are cleaned at the same time, which is especially important for oily skin
  • Temperature jump increases metabolism, that’s why the skin becomes supple
  • The immune and defense mechanisms of the whole body are activated and thus facial skin improves as well
  • Various nutritious masks begin to act in a sauna more quickly and efficiently thanks to open pores and enhanced metabolism.

How to prepare facial skin for a sauna

The benefit of a sauna for a face will only be noticeable when you are prepared in the right way and for every skin type the preparation will be different. Oily skin needs cleansing masks of salt, honey, ground coffee before a sauna. Normal skin before going to a steam bath should be supported by anti-aging and lifting creams and masks that will operate at high temperature with a vengeance. Dry skin requires maximum attention before a sauna, as it is most easily damaged. This skin should be cleaned with most gentle scrubs and then abundantly moisturized by the products containing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Do not forget to take care of your skin before a steam bath, and the benefit of a sauna for a face will be maximum.

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