Meditation in a sauna

Meditation in a sauna

Visiting a sauna itself brings calm and peace in the minds of everyone. For example, it’s difficult to believe but meditation in a sauna is a common thing. Of course, no one believes that every bath attendant is required to sit in the lotus position and say to himself: “Now it's time to meditate!” Although, this may well be – life is an interesting thing, and it is possible to find absolutely everything in it, even something that is less likely expected. Quite often it happens that people do not even consider their staying in a sauna complex as the possibility of meditation, but everything happens by itself – you go to a steam room, sit down as comfortable as possible and focus on bliss. You do not thinking about anything, all your nature is focused on yourself. You just listen to yourself, to your desires and feelings and just to your own heartbeat. In brief: you devote full attention to the inner self. And is not this meditation?

What is so good in meditation in a sauna?

But have you ever thought about in what way meditation in a sauna may be good and why it makes sense to prefer it to all other types of relaxation? If not, here’s a material for thought:

Emotional sphere. The fact is that a sauna is itself a place with positive energy. Here, people relax, have fun, meet with nice people. Because originally there is no negative in here. And especially if staying in a steam room in a quiet environment, having closed your eyes and listening to yourself. In such place it is simply not possible to be distracted by little things, it is easy to turn in upon yourself.

Physiology. Healing of the body happens in a sauna. With every drop of sweat all accumulated damage is removed, the body starts breathing again, there is a pleasant feeling of cleanliness, which influences to a large extent the possibility of meditation.

Having tried at least once what meditation in a sauna is, you will realize that this place is splendidly suitable for exploring yourself!

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