Masks in a sauna

Masks in a sauna

Everyone knows about the beneficial effect of a sauna on the body – the sweating increases, the pores open, the skin begins to breathe more actively. Everyone has heard about it many times and repeats this phrase like a mantra, without even thinking of its value and the fact how you can improve the efficiency of visiting a steam bath. The best thing you can do for your skin is to energize it while being in a steam bath. Indeed, thanks to the fact that the pores open, the skin begins to absorb applied substances as a sponge. For this reason masks in a sauna always give an excellent result.

How to put masks in a sauna?

Naturally, in order for the result to really please you, before visiting a steam bath you should clean your skin, removing makeup and impurities from it, and in this case it is better to take to professional means, rather than the usual washing with soap and water. And only after the face is clean you may start steaming. To do this, you go to a steam bath and spend about 5 minutes there. Then you go out and stay in a rest-room, then you go back to a steam room again and spend a little more time than the first time and go back to a rest-room. Now the pores are open and the skin is ready to receive feeding.

What kind of masks is it better to put in a sauna?

The question of what masks in a sauna are better or worse can often be heard. However, you can not give an exact answer, because everyone has his own situation. Using masks you can achieve totally different effects – slimming of face contours (the so-called lifting), moisturizing, removing excess fat, nourishing ... In short, you should take it from there.

And as with any other issue, while visiting a sauna and putting masks you should use a thoughtful approach and experiment as little as possible if you are not sure in the result. Sauna many times reinforces all processes in the body, that’s why the effect can significantly exceed all your expectations!

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