Masks for a sauna

Masks for a sauna

Usually, before visiting a sauna, we all think about how to take a steam-bath, how to take besoms, bathrobes and slippers. We care about drinking, as well as food. However, not all are thinking that it is possible to improve the efficiency of a sauna taking masks for a sauna. It is in a sauna that a mask increases its effect on the body several times.

What masks for a sauna can be used?

Loosely speaking, masks for a sauna can be of various types:

  • Facial masks: moisturizing, lifting, rejuvenating, drying, nourishing – it all depends on your skin and what effect you want to achieve.
  • Masks for the whole body. Here you should also choose as the occasion requires – depending on the purpose. Generally, masks for a sauna for the whole body solve such problems as dryness, tightness, increased fat generation, loss of elasticity, cellulite...
  • Hair masks. They are also divided according to the needs: masks from hair loss, for the volume, from dryness or oiliness, from split ends...
  • Sweat removing and scrubs. These masks are designed for face and body, they are put in a steam room and are designed to improve the cleansing of pores.

How to put facial masks correctly?

If we are not talking about sweat removing masks and scrubs that are put directly before a steam room, then masks for skin should be put 10-15 minutes after coming out of a steam room and taking a shower (washing off the sweat). It is better to make a mask after the second visit to a steam room. As for the hair mask, it can be put only after the last visit to a steam room if you are not going to go there any more, otherwise you will not be able to avoid a heat stroke. Indeed one of the main rules of a safe visit to a steam room is the condition of dry hair, which does not allow the head to overheat.

Masks for a sauna is an effective means in the struggle for beauty, which, when used correctly, gives fantastic results!

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