The right way to take a sauna

The right way to take a sauna

Experienced lovers of a steam bath are well aware that if to neglect a set of rules, the visit to a sauna will not bring positive results, and vice versa, it can negatively affect your general state. What is the right way to take a sauna in order to make this procedure pleasant and useful?

Sauna and health condition

Unfortunately, a visit to a sauna is not indicated to everyone. Health condition is the most important moment in the visit to a steam-bath, because we go there to revitalize, and not to get acute exacerbation of chronic diseases, or, God forbid, a heart attack. That is why, if there is any doubt, you should consult your doctor how to take a sauna in the right way, and in general, whether you should do it at the moment. Sauna is contraindicated for people with oncology diseases, tachycardia, cardiac insufficiency, psoriasis, hypertension and many other diseases.

Taking a sauna in the right way

The story of how to take a sauna in the right way can take hundreds of pages, so we will focus only on the most important points:

  • Before sauna you should thoroughly wash yourself
  • You should go into a sauna necessarily dry, i.e. dry yourself with a towel
  • Having located on the shelf it is more properly to wrap oneself up in a sheet
  • There is no need to set records of temperature and time, especially if you are a newcomer in bathhouse science
  • Sauna and alcohol are incompatible!

A few secrets from professionals

One of the highlights in a sauna is a correct breathing technique. Hot air can not only cause discomfort when breathing but may burn the respiratory tract, so it is better to breathe through the nose – in this way hot air is filled with water vapor and cooled slightly before it fall into the bronchi. Before and after a sauna you should drink more liquid – in this way you will help your body to get rid of more toxins and replenish supplies of moisture lost through sweat. And the most important thing is that you go to a sauna with an extremely positive mood, only in this case you’ll benefits, as well as get pleasure.

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