What is the right way to go to a sauna

What is the right way to go to a sauna

Sauna is not just a pleasant pastime and a lasting energy boost, but also an improvement of the whole body. But it also happens that after sauna we do not feel the rise and the lift of cheerfulness, and on the contrary, we feel fatigue and discomfort. This can only mean one thing - there was a mistake somewhere, and because of this the whole procedure was done the wrong way. What are the main mistakes of visitors of a steam-bath and how to go to a sauna in the right way to get only positive emotions and benefits to the body?

Preparing for a sauna

Many people do not know that a sauna, if misused, can be harmful. Harmless conditions and ordinary diseases can aggravate under high temperatures and lead to problems. So, the doctor, whom you should visit before going to a steam-bath and if you have ailments or concerns about health, should tell you how to go to a sauna in the right way.

For many people a sauna is a real ritual with a lot of attributes. Despite the fact that many of sauna attributes make you smile, they are of great practical importance:

  • A bathing cap. It will prevent influence of high temperatures on the scalp and hair
  • A sheet. It will prevent from a sharp overheating, detaining moisture that is lost by the body
  • Standing barefoot on a red-hot floor of a Finnish sauna is a disputable pleasure, so slippers are simply irreplaceable
  • Massage oils, cosmetic products for skin. Sauna is a great reason to take care of your body

What things you should not take to a sauna

Most lovers of a steam-bath will gladly tell how to go to a sauna in the right way, but the majority of them has a vague idea about the process. The main mistake of going to a steam-bath is the turning of the treatment into a tableful. There is no place for alcohol, fatty and salty food, cigarettes in a sauna. By drinking or overeating in a steam-bath we not only nullify its beneficial effect, but also increase the load on the internal organs.

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