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How to lose weight in a sauna

How to lose weight in a sauna Sauna is a great tool for improvement and cleansing of the body. One of the most serious problems of our time that has affected not only the gentle sex, but men as well is overweight. Can you lose the hated kilos in a bath without harm to your health? Of course you can, if you do everything right and make sure not ...
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Pregnancy and sauna

Pregnancy and sauna Many people believe that pregnancy and sauna are absolutely incompatible. Is it true? Is it worth denying yourself this pleasure, being pregnant? In many countries, in ancient times a bath was considered one of the essential elements of the life of any person, while there was not an exception for women who were pregnant. ...
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The history of the sauna

The Finnish sauna has a long, rich heritage and knowing some of the culture and traditions that it contains can only add to your own enjoyment of the sauna experience. Sauna, pronounced: ‘sow (rhymes with wow) – nah’. The Finnish word, ‘sauna’, meaning a bath or bathhouse is apparently the only Finnish word that has entered the English language. ...
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