Pregnancy and sauna

Pregnancy and sauna

Many people believe that pregnancy and sauna are absolutely incompatible. Is it true? Is it worth denying yourself this pleasure, being pregnant? In many countries, in ancient times a bath was considered one of the essential elements of the life of any person, while there was not an exception for women who were pregnant. Moreover, in some countries with severe climate, the acts of delivery were taken in baths, because it was the warmest place, even with hot water. Of course, at the present day not all women can boast of exceptional health and have long forgotten about delivery in a bath, but the sauna can and should be visited, unless there are special medical contraindications.

Opinion of medical professionals

Doctors believe that if a woman has got used to regular attendance of sauna, it is necessary to limit her only in the first trimester of pregnancy when there is a formation of organs of an unborn child. There is also a list of contraindications that need to be taken into account so as not to hurt her and a child. Among the conditions in which the prospective mother should avoid sauna are the following:

  • Toxicosis
  • Supertension
  • Threatened miscarriage.

In case of such disease as varix dilatation on the contrary sauna is recommended as a reliable means to improve blood circulation. A moderate increase in temperature also has a great effect at the swelling, rashes and headaches. As we can see, pregnancy and sauna are quite compatible, and if you show discretion, bath will not bring any harm.

How a prospective mother should behave in a sauna

In addition, a woman should surely consult with her doctor; there are also several rules that should be strictly observed. You should not stay in the hot room for too long – it’s better to divide it into a few brief visits. It is necessary to offset the loss of moisture by the body and the best option for this purpose will be herbal tea. The head should be protected from temperature by a special cap. Pregnancy and sauna is a very extensive and controversial topic, but the basic rules listed by us always remain the same.

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