Scientists have proven the benefits of frequent hikes in the sauna

Just before the May holidays, European scientists say good news: it turns out that frequent visits to the sauna reduce the risk of stroke. You can go to the sauna at least every day (of course, in the absence of medical contraindications), because, according to the results of many years of research, the risk of stroke is less, the more often the sauna.
Scientists for 15 years observed a group of 1628 residents of Eastern Finland at the age of 53 to 74 years (men and women). Participants in the experiment were divided into categories according to how often they visited the traditional Finnish sauna (with a relative humidity of 10-20%): once, two to three times or four to seven times a week.

It turned out that those who visited the sauna two or three times and four to seven times a week, the risk of getting a stroke was lower by 14 percent and 61 percent, respectively, compared to participants from the first group.
Even with such factors as sex, age, diabetes, body mass index, alcohol consumption, motor activity level and others, the correlation between the frequency of visiting the sauna and reducing the risk of stroke persisted.
The study is published in the journal Neurology, briefly about it tells the portal MedicalXpress.