Facial masks in a sauna

Facial masks in a sauna

Sauna is the best way to keep yourself in a good form. It allows you to stay young, slim and taut, it removes toxins from the body, it opens the pores and increases metabolic processes. Even after the first visit to a sauna, the appearance is significantly transformed and the general state becomes better. However, many people wonder: Is it possible to improve the efficiency of visiting a sauna? And the answer to this question will be yes. For example, in order to achieve the best effect, facial masks in a sauna will be perfect.

It has long been proven that any mask in a sauna becomes 2 and sometimes 3 times more effective. And this is easily explained:

  • Desudation takes place in a sauna.
  • The pores of the face open.
  • All accumulated impurities are removed through the open pores.
  • The skin begins to breathe more intensively.
  • Blood circulation is increased.
  • Due to the increased blood circulation metabolism is improved.
  • Any materials put on the skin are absorbed much faster.

Therefore, if you have the desire or the opportunity to visit a sauna, you should certainly try to use a mask and nourish your skin.

How to use facial masks in a sauna?

There is a lot of debate on the topic of how and when it is necessary to put a facial mask in a sauna. Someone seeks to put them straight in a steam room, someone - after... However, if you want to reach an effective impact, you should repeat this procedure only after exiting a sauna. This is due to the fact that:

  • In a steam room itself the skin sweats, and the mask put on in a steam room will be just washed off and nothing will get inside.
  • And after a steam room and washing with water, the skin is just dry and ready to receive nourishment.

However, these rules do not apply to special sudatory facial masks in a sauna, as well as scrubs. They just need to be applied before entering a steam room.

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