Why sauna is useful for men

Why sauna is useful for men

Visiting a sauna has long become a tradition for many men. To take a rest in a good company, discuss news and just relax your body and soul after a hard day – what can be nicer? But in addition to the psychological aspects there are many others that make your visit to a sauna beneficial for your physical health as well. So in what way is sauna useful for men?

Effect of sauna on men’s health

The first and most important thing, why sauna is useful for men is that it improves immunity. In a sauna the body temperature rises a few degrees, but this is enough to kill a lot of harmful bacteria and make the immune system work more efficiently. The second important point is the enhanced blood circulation. This not only improves nutrition of tissues and accelerates the uptake of nutrients, but also strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which is very important in preventing many diseases. It is necessary to talk separately about the effect of sauna on virile strength. By improving blood circulation and removing toxins from the body, sexual vigor improves. Enhanced sweating has a beneficial effect on kidneys, since it removes the load from them, while the bladder is unloaded as well. Sauna is also useful for men because sharp, contrasting temperature extremes improve digestion and help in cases of such diseases as cholecystitis, dyspepsia and various disorders.

Avoid alcohol

Unfortunately, for many men sauna is associated with feast and alcohol. Alcohol is absolutely contraindicated in a steam bath, because in combination with high temperature vodka or beer can create the most unexpected health problems. It is especially dangerous for elderly men to drink in a steam bath and for those who have problems with heart and pressure.

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