Prices visit to aroma sauna

  • Solt Room

    up to 4 people *

    03.00-15.00 - 300 UAH

    15.00-03.00 - 350 UAH
    (for weekends and holidays - 24h)

  • Hydro Room

    up to 8 people *

    03.00-15.00 - 400 UAH

    15.00-03.00 - 450 UAH
    (for weekends and holidays - 24h)

*Extra charge over this people limit - 70 UAH/pers

Minimum order time - 2 hours

Bath textile for guests aroma sauna de lux

  • Type "Classic"

    1. Hat for the pair "Standart" - 30UAH
    2. Sheet - 30UAH      antiskid sole
    3. Facial towel 50x90 cm - 25UAH
    4. Bath towel 70x140 cm - 30UAH
    5. Slippers bath "Comfort"- 30UAH


  • Type "De Lux"

    1. Hat for the pair "Standart"- 30UAH
    2. Dressing gown male/female - 80UAH
    3. Towel "Hydrocotton" 50x90 cm - 30UAH
    4. Towel "Hydrocotton" 70x140 cm - 35UAH
    5. Slippers bath "Comfort" - 35UAH


  • Type "Premium"

    1. Skirt terry "SAUNA"
      (Suitable for both women and men, well rests on the body. You will feel comfortable and safe in it.)
    2. Towel "SAUNA" 50 x 90 cm
    3. Towel "SAUNA" 70 x 140 cm
    4. Slippers bath "Comfort"
    5. Hat for the pair "Standart"

    The cost of a set - 205 UAH

Presents to guests "Aroma sauna" de lux

Mikrokotton towel

Those towel luxury, unique and exclusive product for special guests. Hydrocotton is the latest technology of processing cotton yarn. To date, data have the best towels hygroscopicity. Tenderness touching towels is possible due to the unique process of torsion and special processing threads. The result is amount not twisted tread, fluffy, thick, with lightweight and incredibly soft.

Hydrocotton - created as a maximally soft outside and feeling like a plush, with good moisture absorption and capillary - is the most popular quality towels peculiar to hydrocotton.
Hydrocotton - torsion cotton yarn produced from extremely low frequency (almost twisted thread). Hypoallergennic, friendly among existing market terry towels.

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